Make an order

If you want to calculate the cost and to make an order of rectilinear articles of marble, granite, travertine, onyx, such as: windowsills, table tops, steps and risers and other articles made of granite, marble, travertine, and onyx, send Your inquiry to our e-mail:

In order to make the most correct calculation of your order’s cost, in the inquiry you should mention:

  • Measures of articles, for each detail separately.
  • Name or colour of the stone, which you would like to use for production (choose the stone you like in the section of production – slides at our web-site).
  • Growth of the article.
  • Number of articles.
  • Worked parts.
  • Form of the profile’s processing (semi-oval, oval, straight line, complex, models of profiles you can see at our web-site).
  • Number and form of cuts (in case of existence of sink, hob, mixer tap, etc.).
  • Address of object (for correct calculation of transportation costs in case if you prefer that the production be delivered by our transport).
  • Dismantling and assembling (will be made by our specialist or by your masters).
  • Terms of production (mention the term when you are expecting to have the final products).

If you want to order by e-mail complex articles of natural stone, such as: fireplaces of marble, bar counters of marble or granite, elements of interior of marble of curvilinear form, please, send us your drawings. In such cases, existence of moulds would be ideal, for the most correct calculation. Supplementary information, necessary for calculation of costs of articles, you may mention in the letter. If our specialists will have questions during making calculations, we will contact you. Specimens of the chosen marble, granite, travertine, and onyx you can see in the office at the address: 30, Gagarin street, Vatra vil.

Measurements, production, delivery, and assembling.

You should invite our qualified specialist, in order to calculate correctly cost of the order and to avoid misunderstandings when assembling the articles. Our specialist will give you necessary recommendations regarding the form of the product, profile processing, method of placing and assembling, will advise which material is the best for you, will make measurements, and if necessary will made moulds. And then, drawings made by the gauger at the object, will be processed in our office, it is made commercial offer – estimate, where it will be in details explained all works with mentioning of cost for each point, separately. After that, our manager will mail you this document by e-mail, fax or other way that fits you. If you are interested by our offer, we will proceed to production of articles ordered by you, on condition of 100 per cent advanced payment. The term of production will be established individually and will be mentioned in commercial offer. When the articles are ready, the client pays for processing and the order is delivered to you. For transportation we use special different measure pyramids-equipped cargo transport, which permits to deliver the order safe and intact.

Assembling of windowsills, table tops, and steps needs special qualification. Work with granite and marble is a specific one. For processing of natural stone there are used special instruments and consumables, and so, the assemblers should have special aptitudes. If during assembling and installing, because of us the article is broken, scratched, or is otherwise damaged, we, in the shortest term, will produce a new article, will deliver it and will change it. After assembling, the parties will sign a formal acceptance act, according to which it will be made the final payments.