Natural stone marble in Moldova

We produce a wide range of products from natural stone (marble, granite, travertine, onyx, quartz, sandstone and other types of stone). We have been working with natural stone since 1979 and are ready to offer our customers a decent level of quality of manufactured products, as well as the whole range of additional services from the development of a design project to installation work at the customer’s site.

Marble tabletops, window sills, steps

We offer

  • Proven quality of material used for the manufacture of products
  • Proper manufacturing work with specification and tolerances
  • Professional installation of manufactured products with a quality guarantee
  • Manufacturer prices not depending on the size of the order

We use marble from all around the world, independently engaged in import and processing, and also use natural stone mined in Moldova, and we can always offer our customers a decent selection of high-quality material for the revetment of interior elements and marble products for interior and exterior decoration with natural stone.